This afternoon I decided I wanted something carbonated.  I do like soda, just not Diet Coke anymore.  I don’t drink as much as I used to, but I did want something.  Off to Safeway to buy a few things (which was a lot by the time I got done.).

Upon arriving I spied the Toys R Us.  All of a sudden, I decided that I needed the Wii Outdoor Challenge.  I’d seen it at Fry’s with Keb, and he wanted it.  However,  I declined to buy it.  Once I saw what was on it, I thought it would be fun.  As I was checking out they asked if there was anything else I wanted.  So I asked if they had the Wii Fit.  Low and behold they did!

Keb is currently on the balance board playing Wii Fit.  I’m jealous.  That said, I loved the Outdoor Challenge.  It was hard and fun (and seems like a great compromise for those who can’t get the WiiFit because you work up a SWEAT).  Keb doesn’t like it.  Isn’t that just the way it goes.

I’m much poorer than I was before I left for Safeway, but I’m happier.  Strangely successful day.  I wasn’t even trying.


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