Tracy, my buddy, called me around 8 this morning to check in.  She’s funny because she points out that I’m the only one she can call “early” because everyone else is asleep and will be annoyed.  I grin to myself as I’ve been up since 5:30.  I had a to-do list.  Tracy is good for me because she’s ADHD.  As such, her life HAS to be organized.  Therefore, she’s always on ME to be organized.  This is a good thing as it’s not my strong suit, and I’m lazy that way.

Today’s call was to see if we were doing a Goodwill run this weekend.  She was in my garage (well, I own it, but she points out it’s not organized like she had it last summer!) and knows there is a pile.  Hence I have been working my way through Keb’s old clothes and putting stuff in bags to go.  I called my SIL (sister-in-law) to see if she would want some of Keb’s former clothes.  Her son is in a 7, so yes.  The 6s have to go, though.  There is a really cute Gymboree shirt with surf boards on it in that pile. 😦  I hate to see it go.  Then again, given my issues with organized, it can’t stay!

We decided that we’ll go next weekend since I’m not ready.  See how she gave me a deadline?  My husband does this too.  SIGH.  Keeps me honest.  So in between laundry loads and  trolling the web (cause I don’t WANT to work), I’m working on getting rid of things and organizing what’s left.

As Martha says, “It’s a good thing.”  I have to say, Tracy is a good thing.  We’re lucky to have her. 8)


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