Just Weird

I came home from Jazzercise to see one of Keb’s friends.  I wasn’t too surprised because Keb will ask for people to come over.  However, Taed followed me into the kitchen to give me the 4-1-1. Apparently the kid’s mom called saying he wanted a playdate with Keb.  Taed asked what time and was starting to ask when Keb should come over when he was told she’d bring R at 10:00.  Weirder still was that the doorbell rang and she was well away from the door.  R says his mom went to work.

On one hand, we don’t mind.  We like having friends over and Keb loves it.  We don’t mind feeding others or having long playdates.  However, being used as ad-hoc babysitters without a clue as to WHEN the parent is picking up the child is just a bit WRONG. If something were to happen, who would we call?

SIGH and OH WELL.  It’s not like we’re going to make a big deal out of it.  It’s just weird.


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