Facebook Thing

Since I already wrote this for Facebook, I might as well publish it here.  Hopefully nothing too bad. 🙂

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose at least 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!!

I was tagged by Jolene Evans.  PS Most of this will be known and obvious.

1) I like to talk A LOT. I can talk all day long and often do.

2) I attended a college that had a reputable teaching program, but didn’t take classes (against my adviser’s best wishes) because, “I wasn’t going to be a teacher!” HA!

3) I went to graduate school to become a librarian, but I was so bored, preoccupied, lonely, out of sorts, depressed, and annoyed by the curriculum that I just didn’t bother.  I received a C for giving 2 teachers the same work (it was basically the same assignment), which is the kiss of death for grad school.  I was placed on academic probation, but I just dropped out because, by that time, I DID NOT want to be a librarian.

4) I worked at a public library making less money than everyone I knew because I was comfortable in the job and having some sort of “relationship” with an older co-worker.  Dumb, huh?

5) The first two years after my dad’s death was the worst.  I was depressed, aimless, and angry.  My adviser actually MADE me see a counselor before he would sign off on my paperwork to graduate.  He was going to fail me in my senior class just to keep me from going off to do something stupid.  Boy, was he clairvoyant or what?

6) I moved to Wisconsin with Igor even though I knew the relationship wasn’t going to work.  Despite loving him, I KNEW that I didn’t want to get married to him.  It went beyond my usual “I don’t want to be married” issue.  I DID NOT want to be married to him.  Begs the question: why continue?

7) I dated Fuad for 5 months and still can’t tell you HOW I met him.  We even went to the same college, but we didn’t have classes together.  I drank more alcohol in those 5 months than in the 5 years before or after.

8) I don’t particularly care for dogs.  I’ve liked a couple in my time; but I prefer cats.

9) I read fashion magazines, but I don’t dress fashionably.  I like jewelry.  I even buy it, but I tend not to wear it.

10) I liken myself to Oscar Madison in _The Odd Couple_.   I am a slob and don’t care that much about fussy things.  I’m also difficult and gruff.  I live with my Felix, who loves me despite myself.

11) Growing up I loved Oscar the Grouch, Lucy Van Pelt of the Peanuts, and Snoopy.  I even would pretend to be Oscar by hanging out behind my dad’s chair, and then popping up to say something “sarcastic.”  I was 5. Is it any wonder I act the way I do?

12) My brother and I set the house on fire because I didn’t know what matches were.  Lighters, yes.  Matches, no.

13) I got in trouble for telling our next door neighbor to “Bug off Bugaloo.”  I still don’t know what it means.

14) The reason I write cursive so “well” is that my sister used to make me sit down and practice it.

15) I once went to school with my sister as her “project.”  She had embroidered a teddy bear on my jeans.  I LOVED those pants and wore them whenever possible.

16) I was actually underweight for the first 7 years of my life.  A summer with my evil grandmother changed all that.  Her last name was Sauer (pronounced Sour).  I spent the next 35 being overweight (according to all charts, I am still overweight). Isn’t life funny?

17) When I say sister or brother, I ALWAYS mean Christine (Chris) or Michael (Mike).  I have other siblings, but we’re just related.

18) When I was little I had a HUGE crush on Mr. Rogers and Bugs Bunny.  My husband, strangely enough, is an amalgamation of both.  He’s a very decent, caring human being who is a trickster too.

19) I met my husband in grad school and really liked him, but I “picked” Igor instead.  Since it was during that 2 years after my dad died, I like to think that I was just being stupid.  I was lucky enough to actually get a second chance with Taed.  I did NOT appreciate all of his good qualities the first time.  I was (and sometimes still am) STUPID.

20) Jolene Evans is my friend from kindergarten.

21) I tend to keep friends once I’ve made them.  It takes a lot for me to give up on people.  I think people give up on me first.

22) I like to bake and make cookies, but I don’t like to cook or clean.  I tend to be lazy about food (except for sugar), which probably explains some of the weight issues.

23) I am socially liberal but fiscally conservative.  The ONLY position I would willingly make in government is someone who goes through and looks for antiquated laws to remove from the books and checks to make sure new laws aren’t just rewording on old laws.  As I see it, we have so many laws we don’t know what we’re doing.  That said, I want people to wear helmets because I really don’t want to pay for your stupidity.  I will; I just don’t want to.

24) I LOVE gossip magazines, but I have noticed that there aren’t many people of color included and that many times (especially in tragedies), they go too far.

25) I am basically an atheist who can be agnostic, but I feel I’m spiritual.  That said, I think we only have this time to do it right and be good with each other.  I find existentialistic statements annoying.  If nothing matters, then why are you here? I think churches should work to change this attitude.  Quite frankly believing should be shored up by good deeds.


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