Social Weekend

It’s been quite a social weekend for me.  Normally I go to Jazzercise then come home, read, watch TV and focus on laundry or grocery shopping.  Sometimes I clean, but I really like to avoid that one.  Feels like work!  This weekend, however, because it’s long was different for me.

On Saturday I met with, what I call, the Breakfast Club.  These are my former colleagues at Olinder  (Liz, Lynette, Robert, Melvin, and Carol) with whom I worked last year.  We go out to breakfast and then chit-chat until it’s time for someone to leave.  Then we stand outside and chit-chat until that person really is serious about leaving.  Then normally we leave. 

Saturday was different.  Lynette and I stayed and talked for another two hours.  It reminded me of everything I love about her.  We finally left at half past one.  I’d been there since 8:50.  Lynette, not so much.  Late, like normal!  Liz gave us two different times for our next meeting: 9:00 for Lynette and 9:30 for everyone else. 🙂  I’m gonna talk Carol into being early.  We’ll have to shame Melvin into showing up!  We haven’t seen him since September!

Yesterday, while I was pondering cleaning up the backyard and/or getting clothes together for Goodwill, Taed suggested we go see Hotel for Dogs .  Keb was allowed to invite a friend, so he invited his friend, Joe.  Joe’s a nice kid, who’s both fun and polite.  So off we went for that.  It was OK.  It was less about dogs than about family.  That happens.  There was a message and parallel themes.  The kids LOVED it.  It was better than both Bolt and Beverly Hills Chihuahua, if you can imagine that.  Then Keb went to Joe’s for a playdate.

Finally I spent about 30-45 minutes playing Wii with Keb.  We played Ravin’ Rabbids 2.  While it’s wrong, it is fun.  I don’t like the “message” of throwing paper-wads at the teacher (or that the teacher beans kids with big pieces of chalk), it is fun to play. 

Today I’m probably going to focus on getting some stuff done: clothes for Goodwill/family; cleaning the backyard; doing something about Keb’s room (which is only made worse by the addition of the Nordic Track!); grocery shopping; and laundry.  I also need to make sure grades are complete for tomorrow’s upload.  It’s OK though. I’ve had two fun days and I can still play Wii on “breaks”. 🙂

Wait!  I even kinda-sorta practiced tennis with my honey!  Now, how’s that for a weekend?  (Plus, not to brag because we really do need rain a whole bunch, but it’s still sunny and 70).


One thought on “Social Weekend

  1. justaglimpse says:

    Wow!!! You did a lot! I spent all of Saturday in meetings.

    I was sick yesterday, and never got out of bed.

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