Feeling Sheepish…

OK, it’s true.  I migrated from the Midwest about 14 years ago.  For those of you who don’t know, there is this little piece of real estate in the San Jose area that is almost perfect.  Seriously, about 14 days of “hot” weather a year (for us that’s above 90), no snow, and cold being 40 during the day. I should also mention, not a lot of bugs.  Other places in NorCal?  Can’t say.

When I first moved here, I mocked the Californians who wore coats when it was 50 degrees.  Why that’s sweater weather I would scoff. Now I am one of those Californians.  I’ll be that little old lady who is wearing a coat in 90 degree weather.  It’s sad.  Seriously, I wear sweaters when it’s 70, and don’t like being chilled.

It also makes me feel a little ashamed.

Right now, most of my friends and family are dealing with NASTY weather.  The weather isn’t just cold, it’s FRIGID.  School is cancelled due to fear of wind chills affecting exposed skin.  There’s the fear of having kids just standing outside and waiting for the bus.  The temperatures are colder than in Alaska. Snow keeps coming.  I remember what it was like.  I can’t imagine it, though. It’s a tough bout of weather to deal with.  I honestly feel for everyone dealing with winter.

I say this because I would by lynched otherwise.  It’s true.  It’s been sunny and 70 here.  So… I hope the Midwest is attacked by CA weather soon! 🙂


One thought on “Feeling Sheepish…

  1. Morocco says:

    I’m California dreamin’, too! Last year when I was in Sacramento (spring) they had an unusual cold snap. It was like 38 degrees–I was shocked! Of course, my kids loved that I went to California and it was cold! It was actually warmer at home in Indy (80 degrees) than it was on the west coast.

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