Work Furlough

I won’t be working on Tuesday.  Originally it was scheduled to be an in-service day for teachers to work.  However, with the economy the way it is and California’s budget being… well, what you do with a screw-driver…  We ended up voting to take two furlough days.  Essentially we gave ourselves a paycut to try to deal with some of the “not-enough-money-ness” of our school budget.  It’s not bad right now, but we still don’t know WHEN (or if) the state will pass a budget.  We just know we’re in the hole a whole lot of fingers!

On one hand it’s not fun to take a pay cut.  Realistically, it’s happening in many other businesses and, considering how things COULD go, a pay cut is nothing compared to a JOB cut.  So…

I guess I’ll go to Keb’s school and watch the inagueration with the kids. 🙂  Not a bad way to end a four-day mini-break.


One thought on “Work Furlough

  1. Morocco says:

    Our insurance just increased $50 per pay period. Our union is currently attempting to get a us a raise. I’m not holding my breath.

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