Feeling Accomplished

Well I’m feeling pretty good.  I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot this weekend.  I managed to cut out my 6th grade Mountain Language materials and sort them by number.  They’re not in numerical order from there, but I’ll get that done.  I’ve cut apart 1/2 of the lamination for the 7/8 program, and will get that done next week since it isn’t pressing.  I lesson planned Thursday and Friday so I know what I’m teaching when and why.  That’s a good thing.

I put the tree in the garage along with Christmas ornaments, and I got the lights off of the house.  This is a big deal because our homeowner’s association not only frowns on this, but they will fine you for taking too long.  I can see their point, even though I’d like to leave mine up year round.  In fact, hanging from our “loft” master bedroom are lights, big ornaments, and “greenery” that I haven’t taken down since Mom and I put it there EONS ago.

Tracy biked over (it was a GORGEOUS day, 70 degrees and sunny),  and we spent some quality time together.  She brought me a sweater that isn’t her color.  We had lunch.  Then I took her home ’cause her bike had a MAJOR flat.  Along the way I stoped by the bank, got gas, and checked in at the car shop.  I missed the library though.  My book isn’t due until Friday, so I’ve got some time I reckon.  I also called Erin and got her roped into a time to meet up.  Her schedule is bat-sh*t crazy!  It’s the 11th today and we’re not meeting up until the 31st!

The last load of laundry is in the machine (save for towels or other big items).  Only 2 hampers of whites occupy the house.  They are mostly undies and socks, so I don’t feel bad about them.  The colors are drying away, and I should be able to finish up tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.

I cut veggies and put cucumbers in vinegar for the week for lunches.  This way I can get in those ever important veggies.  I put carrots, sugar snap peas, red pepper, and celery together as an ongoing snack.  Then I’ll just make a sandwich and grab some frozen berries for lunch.  Yogurt and a fiber one for break will round it all out, I think.

All this AND I went to Jazzercise both days, and Taed and Keb had tennis rackets, and I bought a baby shower gift for someone at work (something I will need to do about 3 more times this year!  DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!).  The counter is clean, the dishwasher was unloaded and reloaded with dirty dishes.  Taed and Keb replaced the bar in Keb’s closet that fell, so I could get his shirts back up.  Most of his stuff is clean so he can easily get dressed for school.

Not bad, not bad at all! 🙂


One thought on “Feeling Accomplished

  1. Morocco says:

    I love those days when I get a lot done. The weekends go by incredibly fast and I rarely manage to do all the things I write on my to=do list. Yay to you!

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