Toto, I’ve a feeling…

We’re not teaching elementary school anymore.

My friend, Diane, pointed out that elementary is special because, generally, the kids love you.  They bring you little gifts, they try to please you, you get hugs, etc. The students, while squirrely, haven’t quite morphed into inhuman… yet.

Cue middle school!  Today our students engaged in yet another igornant behavior.  They’re not dumb, but boy they can really do some dumb things. Being middle school students, it’s hard to believe they would make such, well stupid, choices.  However, one has to be honest that their ’cause/effect’ brain function seems to be on hiatus from the ages of 11-21.

Hopefully some time to “reflect” on this latest event will help them grow.  If not, there’s always next week, next month, next year…

SIGH!  All this trouble and not even a hug for my trouble.  Then again, a hug from a middle school kid.  [sour face].  You know, I think we’ll both pass!


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