Yesterday we went to a place that “might” have a fencing class for Keb.  Keb and Taed have been taking fencing for the past 6-8 weeks, and they both are enjoying it.  However, it is an expensive sport, with an estimated cost of $3500 for a year for the two of them getting ONE LESSON ONLY per week.  Hence our Taed’s scouting efforts. (I was just really along for the ride and the promise of McDonald’s ice cream).

The place we checked out has “weapons” lessons.  Taed wanted to know what that meant.  Basically it’s Japanese martial arts training with sticks, swords, etc.  Keb can’t do it until he’s 8.  Which means, we have to find some other sport for him to participate in.  Soccer didn’t really work, and I can’t see him as a baseball kid.

This meant asking about swimming, tennis, and golf.  He actually said, “Golf isn’t my forte.”  We were both stunned.  He used the word (which we didn’t know he knew) correctly!  Once he realized that swimming would be, well, swimming, he opted for tennis.

This means that come summer, we’ll all be taking tennis lessons.  I wonder if it will make me better at Wii?


4 thoughts on “Forte

  1. justaglimpse says:

    Why not Taekwondo? That seems like something Keb would really like.

    (Impressed with forte.)

  2. naoko says:

    Hi, Suzanne
    It’s new word to me. I will use it somewhere like Keb!!

    My son Tatsu, he is 8 now, doesn’t like any sports….I worry about it.
    His forte is reading, gaming, and lego….

    It’s good idea that we all take same sports togather. It may make him change!


  3. Taed says:

    Keb doesn’t want to take Karate or anything like that. He took it briefly when he was 5 or so, but quit because he didn’t like the hitting. Which is ironic since he gets in trouble for hitting.

    And this is all coming about because soccer just wasn’t working out. He just wanted to socialize, not play soccer.

    Dad has the belief that Keb should be doing one sport or something outside of school. And if he does it with one of us, all the better.

  4. justaglimpse says:

    What about Cub Scouts?

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