That Was Easy…

Since Thursday I have dreaded going back to work.  This is new for me because I tend to LOVE work of all kinds.  I like to keep busy.  I’m also terrible at motivating myself (see summer pictures of very messy house) and setting goals that I ACTUALLY attain.  However, I had been having this weird fantasy of being a stay at home mum who drops her kid off at school in PJs (don’t get me started, I actually think badly of “these” people. LOL!).

However, I got up today like all work days and went in.  I set our agenda, wrote out our objectives (main idea/details/non-fiction), and changed homework a bit.  Sooner than I thought, 10:10 arrived and my first block was done.  Half the kids were DRAGGING and the other half thought only an hour had passed.  The next couple hours flew by and then it was 2:50.  Not bad at all.

It was also, to my knowledge, the FIRST day I have ever, ever taught without either Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi in my hand.  Sure, I had Arizona Diet Green Tea, but it’s not the same.  I wonder if it makes me calmer…

I’ll wait until one of the kids questions it. 🙂


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