Mix Tape?

There is this phenomena that I think may be unique to those of us who “came of age” in the 80s and 90s — the mix tape.  There have been some books and movies which are devoted to this (one with John Cusak as I recall).  My friend, Cassie, and her husband, Todd, are pretty damned good at putting together a mixed tape.  Me, not so much.  I’m like your schizophrenic iPod on crack — I will put Bare Naked Ladies in between Roy Orbison and Smashing Pumpkins with a chaser of Laurie Anderson and Adam and the Ants.  I can’t help it. 

Actually my honey makes a mean mix tape.  I have about 9 that he made for me when I lived in IA and he was in CA.  It was back when he was woo-ing me. 🙂  It worked.  Unfortunately time has not been friendly to the tapes. 😦  That said, does a playlist for your iPod count as a mixed tape?  Is it the same if it’s not delivered in some sort of sing-it-in-your-car kind of way?  I mean, the last “mix tape” I got was burned on CD from a playlist.  I guess it’s the same…  Maybe.

I was thinking about my favorite songs.  How they represent people more than times in my life.  So in the vein of knowing my crappy mix tape skills, here goes.

  • Naive Melody — reminds me of Taed, who has a face with a view
  • Beautiful Day — the day Keb was born
  • Hammer and a Nail — reminds me to stop talking and actually DO something
  • Closer I am to Fine — another shut up and get one with it song
  • Just So You Know — hold out for when I thought that Igor was going to rule my life
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go Go — Cindy, Dan, Paul, Marcus, Gay-clubbing in DM
  • Let’s Go Crazy — more Cindy, Marcus, Dan & Paul stuff
  • Near Wild Heaven — when I thought I was going to go crazy
  • Accidently Kelly Street — hanging out in Sydney with Misha and whoever I happened to meet
  • Do You Really Want Me — one of the songs on Taed’s mix tape.  Made me stand up and say what I felt.
  • Precious Things — again, something to listen to that reminded me of Taed
  • With You — Peter Himmelman making me think that Taed makes me a better person.  He tries…
  • Rose Garden — reminds me of cold mornings with my parents in the early 70s
  • Maggie May — a song my sister tried to get me to sing in front of my parents
  • Take It To the Limit — reminds me of camping with my family in the 70s.  Actually ALL Eagles songs from the early to mid 70s remind me of camping with my family.
  • Anything on Pretty in Pink but especially Left of Center — totally reminds me of Cassie
  • I Am Woman — the first 45 I ever bought
  • Baba O’Reilly — the reason I LOVE The Who!
  • Rex Daisy Anything — Cassie

See what I mean about crazy?

2 thoughts on “Mix Tape?

  1. Morocco says:

    My Ipod is the same way, I have people from Eva Cassidy, Pat Benetar, to T.I. and Teena Marie. A true “genuis” mix in my opinion mixes a variety of genres together in a surprising way that works.

  2. justaglimpse says:

    I still love Rex Daisy! Course you and I have some fond memories of Peter Himmelman… 🙂

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