My Poor Baby

Towards the end of our visit in Des Moines, Keb seemed to be getting sick.  Now he definitely is sick.  Last night and this afternoon he had a fever.  I’ve given him Tylonol for it.  We’re trying to make him drink a lot so that it will help thin his mucus.  I’m worried about him.  Being asthmatic is hard enough without getting some sort of respitory illness added to it.  If he’s sick tomorrow morning, he can’t go to school.  Taed says he’ll take care of it, but a HUGE part of me doesn’t want to go to work if Keb’s sick.  It’s silly because Taed is perfectly capable of taking care of him.

UGH!  This is worse than my being sick.  I don’t worry about me.  I was just grouchy.  I worry about Keb though.  Hopefully this is really not much and will pass quickly.


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