Messed Up TV

We’re watching some sort of Amazing Animal Attacks on Animal Planet.  I can’t even really WATCH it.  Currently they’re showing where some Thai kid (OK, he was 21) whose arm was snapped into a crocodile’s mouth.  The crocodile was rolling with this dude’s arm in his mouth.  I was certain that his arm was going to be ripped off.  UGH. Nope, but it took 3 years and 6 surgeries to fix his arm.  OUCH!

You’d think given that we’re all covering our eyes and leaning away from the TV that we would turn it off.  Nope.  I think we must be gluttons for punishment.  After all, now we need to watch the bull jump out of the bull-fighting arena and gore the audience.  Yummy.

You know…  I find it interesting that we just keep the camera going regardless of the tragedy.  Is that to warn or to entertain?


One thought on “Messed Up TV

  1. Morocco says:

    I saw that episode and was really tripping! I would be the one dropping the camera so that I could help.

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