Good Plan Gone Bad

Here was the plan.  Since I was going to be in DM, drop the car at the shop to get a couple things fixed.  I wouldn’t need the car anyway,  and it would be done when I got back.  Sounds good, right?  Logical?

When I went to the shop I used the last time, there were a couple papers outside.  It was the day after Christmas, I figured they were taking a short holiday.  Nothing went off on my radar. I wrote a note, put in the key, and dropped it in the “overnight” box.  The following Monday, I called Taed to check on it.  He’d heard nothing and when he dropped by — more papers.

Here it is Saturday, a full 8-9 days since it was dropped off, and nothing.  I’m going to have to use Taed’s key to pick it up ’cause I need it now.  I guess we should have done that Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday…  UGH.

SIGH.  It was such a good idea.  I guess I just should have checked that they would be working.  Hell, knowing my luck they’re out of business and I’m never going to get my key back.

As Bugs says, “What a maroon!”


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