Yummy Veggies

While I was in DM with my mom and family, I ate whatever I wanted.  At Mom’s that really meant fudge and maybe other goodies.  Mostly fudge.  I like love fudge.  Keb feasted on peanut butter balls.  They’re not my thing, but I get eating the heck out of what you love.  Upon leaving Mom wanted to send a goodie bag home; however, I decided against it.  I was (I’ll admit) pretty afraid of “weighing in”.  Surprisingly, I didn’t gain weight (yet! ;-).

Yesterday, I ate a HUGE lunch at IHOP which included eggs, hash browns, stuffed french toast and one of Taed’s pancakes.  Seriously — HUGE meal. Today, I ate a normal (for me) breakfast of soup with Siracha (hot Chinese pepper sauce), Fiber One Bar, and Weight Watchers Yogurt.  For lunch, Taed suggested Chipolte (one of my favorites), but I decided on Pho instead. It’s a Vietnamese Noodle Place (noodle soup).  The idea of noodle soup just pleased me.  It seemed light and tasty.

I decided on vegetable soup (over chicken).  I swear I must have groaned with delight at almost every bite.  The carrots were fabulous; the cabbage divine; the broccoli and cauliflower were fantastic.  After a while, I figured that I must have eaten so much sugar that vegetables were a “treat”.  They were THAT good.  I would have loved to have had twice the vegetables and half the noodles.  That’s how strong my craving was.

Now I am happy.  I may try to exercise (something I’ve not done in about 2 weeks).  I may not.  However, I feel good knowing that I started the New Year doing something healthy and good for my body. 

Then again, I liked ringing out the Old Year treating my body like an overused bicycle needing to given ample amounts of lubricant to run right! LOL.


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