Still Off Diet Coke

Generally I drink Diet Coke the way normal people drink water.  I quaff it all day long.  It’s been my drug and drink of choice.  When I got pneumonia, I went off it.  It tasted WRONG.  Now that (I think) I’m over pneumonia, I still have not really returned.  Oh, I’ve drank it when I’ve not had anything else around.  However, it’s not like before when I would open the next bottle IMMEDIATELY after finishing the first.

Which is not to imply that I haven’t had soda.  I have.  I’ve had Diet Mountain Dew (OK), Diet Sprite (pretty tasty), and then the holy trinity of diet sodas for me — Diet A&W Rootbeer, Diet Sunkist, and Fresca.  Honestly, if they were sold in 6-packs of bottles, I’d be on them like white on rice.  While I’m not rocking the Diet Coke in the same way, I am consuming soda.  Just not as much…

I’m curious to see what I’m going to do when school starts.  What will I quaff all day long?  I may have to get myself some refillable water bottles and take a couple to school each day.  Then I wonder…  will I be calmer?  Good question, eh?  Tune in because you know I’ll talk about it.

PS  This should keep the people who send me all kinds of stuff about the dangers of drinking diet soda off my back for another week or two. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Still Off Diet Coke

  1. bekaboo says:

    My favorite thing now is LaCroix water. It is like Perrier in a can. My favorite is the lime flavored. It is not sweetened at all, but very refreshing, and it doesn’t lose its fizz before I can finish it. I think the worst thing about sodas is phosphoric acid, which is in most colas (diet and regular) and some others too. Not sure what flavor difference it makes, but it binds with calcium and keeps your body from absorbing it-leading to things like cavities and osteoporosis.

    I keep trying to like flat water, but I just don’t that much.

  2. Morocco says:

    I am a regular Coke kind of girl. This year I would like to try to not drink it as much as it has turned into a constant craving (probably not a good thing!) But there is something a bout Coke that I can’t seem to leave alone!

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