Carry On Luggage

Somewhere out there is a former airline employee who is still right, but was considered wrong, for actually making people follow a “rule”.  I don’t actually know if he actually got fired, but he MADE people place their “carry-on” on the little measuring thing-y to see if it was too big.  He had a PILE of name-tags for the occasion.  Most of the carry-ons were labeled and thrown under the plane.  We got on in about 10 minutes and off just as fast.  It was WONDERFUL.  People were MAD!

Trying to get on and off of my last few flights has been PAINFUL due to the number of people who refuse to check bags.  Part of it is the whole, “The airline will lose my bag” idea. Then there is the whole, “I’m in a hurry; I need my bag with me.” which is just ignorant because if you’re in that much of a hurry, shouldn’t you have left yesterday?  Finally is the new airline “policy”.  You have to PAY to check luggage.  That’s right, I’m going to travel somewhere for a week, but I’m not going to change clothes. This is just WRONG.

Airlines are already losing money (according to them).  Giving less service or making us pay for things we should be getting as part of that service isn’t going to help.  Then you have the block caused by this with everyone bringing on their luggage and trying desperately to stuff it into the overhead bins.  The staff doesn’t get involved because they value their lives and well-being.  Who wants to be on the losing end of that battle?

Generally my rule is, if you can’t actually CARRY your bag, then it can’t be a carry-on.  However, now I say let’s be radical and have EVERYONE take their luggage on the plane to protest the idea of having to pay to take luggage.  A few fist-fights later (especially with our FEAR of terrorists on planes), maybe the airlines will get a clue.  If not, oh well.  It will be in flight entertainment.  And it will be free.


2 thoughts on “Carry On Luggage

  1. Morocco says:

    It seems the more we pay for our tickets the less service we receive!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Oh, I agree. I still can’t figure out why, with our being nickel and dimed, the shareholders/CEOs feel they aren’t making money. It sure isn’t the employees who are flush!

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