Des Moines

I am the WORST time manager and manager in general.  The past two days I’ve sat around doing very little.  It works for me, I like it.  The problem with doing this is that I never get around to actually seeing people because I always think I have time and I never (even though I’m not doing anything) make plans.  It’s an incredibly ignorant vicious cycle.

In the last two days, besides not doing much of anything, I also have eaten more sweets than in the prior 11 months.  It’s like I was starving and would never eat them again.  Maybe that’s adding to my sluggishness.  Or maybe it’s that I’m still not really drinking Diet Coke.  My brain is probably messed up from the lack of caffeine. 🙂

I can’t say that I haven’t done anything.  I have visited with my mom, saw my brother, Mike, and his wife (courtesy of Mom planning dinner and serving it!) and saw my friend, Jolene (because she called and stopped by on her way back to IA City).  See what I mean about planning?  I’ve had quasi-breakfast with Kristin two days in a row.  Staying at the same hotel does that.  It’s nice.

I’m here two more days and now I’m frantically trying to fit in time with people!  By people I mean my sister, Chris; my niece’s children for swimming; my aunts and grandmother on my dad’s side; oh, and maybe my Aunt Mimi, who apparently dressed up like Charo in the 70s.  How did I miss that?! Good lord.  Had I planned Saturday better…  Oh well, spilled milk and all that.  I’m hanging out with Cassie and the godsons tomorrow.  I figure I can work in other relatives throughout the day… sometime. 🙂  There may have to be some overlap.  Life is like that.  Plus, I refuse to drive in snow and ice.  Yes, I am a weenie.  I’ve asserted that.

So far it’s been a nice trip.  Keb’s played in the snow with my nephew, Aaron, and gone roller skating with my niece, Tiphany’s, family.  Sure he fell a few times, but isn’t roller skating like that?  He’s played with Grandma Wynn’s gift a lot (he really likes it), and loves the cats.  Mostly Stevie-Bob ’cause she’s most tolerant of children.

I imagine we’ll miss DM when we leave on Wednesday.  Keb noted this morning how much nicer this all would be if we could teleport.  I agree.  It would be cool to come any time you want without worry.  Maybe in the future.


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