Nail Color

I figured since I was heading to DM, I’d try to spruce up a bit.  I redid my toes (pretty good approximation of the rainbow: red, orange, green, blue and purple), and thought I’d try my nails.  Since I read most women’s magazines, it’s a pretty good guess that I’ve read up on the “hip” colors.  Allegedly browns are the new, sophisticated colors for nails.  I went to the local beauty warehouse place a couple of weeks ago and bought an espresso color.  The sales-chicas assured me this is THE fabulous it color.

It’s an it color alright.  With sh in front of it.  I only did one hand with one layer of color.  Keb assured me it was hideous and should be taken off immediately.  Taed never likes these conversations anyway and assured me he needed to be left out of it.  It was bad.  I didn’t think there was too much to make my hands look older.  Trying to be young and hip did just that!

If you’re in the market for espresso colored nail polish, let me know.  I’ll happily spread the “cheer.”


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