Mmmm, Dungbeetles

Taed and Keb are reading about Paleolithic (I think) insects.  It’s pretty creepy, given my already outed fear of cockroaches and stuff.  Crustations, may flies, and dungbeetles were all part of the Meso-something period.  Apparently there was no grass or flowers during the Jurassic period.  Who knew?

This is why Dads are important.  Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have pulled this from the library shelves.  I certainly would have read myself to sleep by now. Imagine my dreams of dungbeetles.

Right now Taed is quizzing Keb as to which poo he would prefer as a dungbeetle — elephant or dinosaur.  Keb asserts that all poo is yucky.  However, he might be willing to eat the fossilized kind. I concur. Who wants a den of dung to lay their eggs in?  What would the health department say?

Now I’m hearing how dungbeetles are good because they bury the dung of the animals on the African plain. If that dung was out, flies would multiply; disease would spread; and something else.  I still don’t want a dungbeetle.  I still think “What a sh*tty life!”  No pun intended, but certainly there.

Well, thank you dungbeetles.


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