Henderson’s Voice

Reference is to Henderson the Rain King.  Early in the book he talks of a voice which says, “I want.” but never really says what it wants.  He goes around purchasing, traveling, fornicating, etc. only to find that what he thought he wanted is not what he wanted so he’s back with his voice demanding, “I want.”

  • I want.  My first new want is a new digital camera. My flash isn’t working, nor is the automatic focus.  I keep getting blurry pictures.
  • I want a bluetooth for my phone that I can’t lose easily, yet still works easily.  My last one went through the wash.  Sometimes, I am an idiot.  My new one: tempermental.  I never know its mood.
  • I want someone to clean my house.  However, I’d have to do some basic cleaning to get to that point.
  • I want new glasses.  I’m tired of my old frames.  So far I haven’t found anything I like under $300.  I DO NOT want to pay $300+ for one pair of glasses.
  • I want shoes that don’t hurt my feet.  Seriously.  The backs of my heals are RAW from the latest pair that were supposed to be comfy.  They’re not.
  • I want 3/4 of the items that Target sells in its fitness aisle:  the new Wave thing, heavier weights, the little half-moon balance thingy, the kettle ball, etc.  Why?  I couldn’t say.
  • I want the Cindy Crawford Miracle Beauty stuff even though the last anti-aging stuff I used gave me terrifically bad ache.  WRONG AGE.  I suspect this would only be more expensive and less effective.
  • I still want the eye shadow kit from Estee Lauder, even though I have one upstairs.  I also want all the make-up kits from the other department store beauty counters (Clinique, Lancome, etc.).
  • I want chips for no good reason other than the weight I lost while sick has come back home.  Unfortunately, it’s fluffier than the weight before.  NICE!  My saddlebags are even more bag.  Thank you pnuemonia!  I figure if I’m going to be fluffier, I should enjoy it.
  • I want new headphones for my iShuffle.  The ones I have are getting pretty skanky.
  • I want my grading done.  You’d think that after 5 days of just pretty much sitting around (napping) and coughing, I’d have got something done.  Same with thank you cards.
  • I want the weather to be nice while I’m traveling so I don’t get stuck somewhere (airport) with my 7-year-old and half our junk.
  • I want it to snow ONE DAY ONLY in IA, then melt so Keb can be happy to see snow.
  • I want the ability to travel at the snap of my fingertips so that I could see the people I want to see faster.
  • While I’m wishing for things I can’t have, I’d like to be able to turn water into wine and spin straw into gold.  That would solve the recession.
  • I want the United States to charge CEOs and people who run companies into the ground due to their own white collar, corporate greed to be charged with treason and executed by a firing squad.
  • I guess I should wish for reasonableness.  Ain’t gonna happen!

One thought on “Henderson’s Voice

  1. Michele says:

    If you still have time, go to America’s Best for super cheap glasses. They are kind of a pain to deal with (not the greatest customer service because they know they’re so cheap), but it is the Wal-Mart of glasses. And it’s right by my parent’s house, so that might knock two birds out. Just an idea!

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