Have I Mentioned That I’m Old?

Things that make me feel old (The LIST)

  • Seeing “young” people with lots of tattoos.  I mean lots (like sleeves and necks!).
  • Maury Povich showing baby-daddies/mommas; transvestites
  • VH1’s Rock of Love, Charm School, I Love New York, Pick Up Artist, etc.
  • Christine Aguilera’s Greatest Hits
  • My hurt-y feet
  • Pneumonia
  • The idea of “tea bagging” at school
  • Sensible shoes (or my newly discovered love of)
  • Saggy skin & body parts
  • My favorite Pixar films are older than my students
  • The Real Housewives of Orange County (soul selling anyone?)
  • Snuggie (wasn’t this some sort of sack when we were growing up?)
  • Return of layaway
  • Recession (OMG! I’ve been through this before!)
  • “Sensitive” stomach
  • Being annoyed that they’ve changed all my “shows” on Food Network!
  • Being cranky with those “happy” people on Food Network
  • Fat Oprah (We’ve been here before).

Basically anything that I’ve lived through once before — leggings, Fat Oprah, recession, small cars, and skinny pants.


2 thoughts on “Have I Mentioned That I’m Old?

  1. Morocco says:

    LOL, don’t feel too bad, I’m 30 and some of the very same things make me feel old, too!

  2. naoko says:

    Me too! I will be 40 this comming January and I also feel some changes in physical. I offen say “I used to do….”when I see the young people have somthing new for them…

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