Yes, I Did

and I don’t want to hear about it.

I figured that once my appetite was back, then I was probably OK enough to exercise.  Last night I had French toast before the movie (We saw Wizard of Oz at the Stanford Theatre), and I ate it all.  It was good.

Today I made myself a good breakfast, ate LOTS of treats, and then had a sizable dinner.  This means that my health has mostly returned, so as long as I listen to my body, I can exercise.  For the occasion, I added some music to my iShuffle.  It was all older than Keb by 7-20 years (or more), but it’s for MY listening pleasure.

I was amazed at how quickly 60 minutes went.  I got through a couple magazines, talked to myself, and read more of my book.  Since Cassie has shown interest in it, I’ll hand it off to her when I get to DM.

I’m still planning to lay around, so don’t get this big idea that I’m planning on making up for missing exercise for a week.  I needed those 7 days off.  It was good for me.  Now it’s good for me to add it back in… slowly!

PS I bought a Diet Coke.  It still doesn’t taste good.  I drank a Diet Sunkist instead and some fizzy water.  I guess I’ve never had such a quick and abrupt break-up before.


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