Diet Coke

My Diet Coke addiction, while not legend, is well-known among the people who know me.  While most people show up to meetings with coffee (usually the Starbuck’s variety) or water, I show up with Diet Coke.  Hell, I Jazzercise with Diet Coke, sleep with Diet Coke, teach with Diet Coke and wake with Diet Coke.  If I think I’m going to go someplace where there is no Diet Coke, I take my own Diet Coke. Hence, addicted to Diet Coke.

Since developing pneumonia, my Diet Coke consumption has plummeted (watch out Wall Street!).  At first it didn’t taste right.  I figured I just had a bad batch of it.  Then I just needed water — lots of it.  No surprise there, drink lots of fluids, preferably water.  However, yesterday when I did order Diet Coke with lunch, I didn’t quaff it down and get my next refill by the time the wait person had returned.  In fact, the one bottle I bought was OK.  More surprising to me, I didn’t immediately buy more Diet Coke to replenish what has left, even though we were in a store and could have.

I haven’t had a bottle of Diet Coke upon rising for about four days.  That, for me, is some kind of record.  Maybe I can keep it up.  Not sure what I’ll replace the DC with, but not buying it or needing to buy it seems like a good thing.  Maybe, just maybe, one of the plus sides to this horrific illness is that I walk away WITHOUT my addiction to Diet Coke firmly in place.

Who knows, it could happen.

One thought on “Diet Coke

  1. Suzanne says:

    UPDATE: I actually went an entire day without buying or consuming Diet Coke. Given that I wasn’t in a coma — miraculous!

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