What to Give the Person Who Wants NOTHING?

If you’re my mom, and you don’t know what to buy your son-in-law, then you don’t buy him anything.  You take that money and buy presents for little kids who need it (in the preschool program where you tend to volunteer).  This year, like last, mom bought all the girls the same doll (Hanna Montana, she was on sale), and all the little boys cars.  Then she wrapped them (except for the one for the little Jehovah Witness girl.  That’s just given.), and gave them to the little kids.  Apparently they were so happy.  Of course, their being happy makes my mom happy.

I’d say that it’s money well spent.   I don’t know, yet, if Taed likes his “gift.”  I can’t imagine, though, that he hates it. 🙂


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