Unconventional Christmas

NOTE:  Neither Taed nor I are “normal” people.  We tend to travel to the beat of a different drum, not completely but enough to be exasperating to our loved ones.

We only have one child.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad, it just is.  In the beginning, we got A LOT of toys for him.  We started the week of Christmas and would open one present a day.  Keb would then play with that present.  Generally we went as long as there were presents (except when the presents were given by company, then he gets to open them all).  This is the system we’ve used for a long time.

Now, I know most people wait until Christmas morning to unwrap gifts.  We tried this once with Keb.  It was awful.  After piling through what seemed to be 20 gifts, he turned to us and said, “Don’t I have more?”  That was not an attitude I was prepared to accept.  So we’ve returned to a gift every day or so.  It works for us.

Now according to Taed (I apparently was out of it!), one time the gift he opened was clothing.  He cried that Christmas was RUINED! Then they called the gift-giver (a grandma) so Keb could tell her that she ruined his Christmas.  I’m sure she redeamed herself the next day because both grandmas give some pretty good gifts.

I’m sharing this because I actually think that stretching Christmas out is a nice way to enjoy the season.  You might try it if you’re a little unconventional too.


One thought on “Unconventional Christmas

  1. Morocco says:

    This story made me smile. Nicholas thinks that any “practical” items should not be given as gifts, i.e. clothes or shoes.

    I also like the idea of stretching out the holidays, we might have to try it next year!

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