Poor Keb!

Last week Keb had his friend Tori over.  She was arguing that Santa is real, Keb was explaining to her how he knows Santa isn’t real.  I explained to Keb that we don’t take away people’s beliefs just because they don’t coincide with our own.  Plus, who wants to be the family who RUINED Christmas for the kids at school?

Taed sent me this:  SUBJECT: I didn’t hear the whole thing but…
BODY: Keb and Tori have some scheme to see if Santa is real which culminated in Keb saying, “So if I get underwear in my stocking, then Santa must be real.”

Then Taed added: Let’s get him underwear.

I really don’t know who is more evil, Taed or “Santa”?


One thought on “Poor Keb!

  1. Suzanne says:

    UPDATE: As we “speak”, there is underwear in Keb’s stocking. Poor bean.

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