Nice Visit

We were SUPPOSED to go to Antioch today to celebrate Christmas with Scott, Mari, Xavier, and Logan (Taed’s brother, wife & children), as well as Larry and Linda (Taed’s father and his wife).  Given my unfortunate physical condition, that just wasn’t possible.  However, part of the party came to us.

This afternoon Larry and Linda came to visit and bring Keb his presents from Grandpa.  Taed and I had a very pleasant visit with them both.  Keb didn’t pay much attention to Linda, but during a duel with Grandpa, he injured Larry’s finger (there was bruising and swelling!).  Then he took Grandpa upstairs to play Lego Batman and Spore.  Apparently he got Grandpa Nelson to make his own Spore.

It was a nice, quiet way to spend an afternoon.


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