Just So You Know

If you ever really want to set off young men, point out that all babies start as girls.  It’s sickly satisfying when you’re dealing with both cocky and arrogant.  Of course, then when you explain that sperm carries the information determining the sex of the child, they get all happy again.

My boys want to know who’s more important — the mom or the dad — in making a baby.  Apparently 50-50 doesn’t cut it yet.  Then I have to be mean and point out that they can’t remember their homework, they certainly shouldn’t be having a baby.  I could see it now…

“K, where’s your baby?”
“Jamaquil, your baby, where is he?”
“Man, dawg, I don’t know.”
“Weren’t you to bring him today so C could have her time with him?”
“OOOHHH, that baby.  My bad, I forgot him ’cause it’s Wednesday and I needed to wear some good kicks for PE.  Do I look good, Mrs. W?”


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