Sick, But Not Yet

I had an incredibly dopey go-round with Kaiser yesterday.  AFTER being on the phone with the advice nurse, I was  told they wanted a doctor to call me back.  They called, while I was out, just like I predicted when I asked them not to call until after X time.  Then they gave me the SAME number I call to go through the advice nurse loop — a screener, the advice nurse, maybe someone else — as the call back number.  UGH.  By this time I was MEANER than mean. 

Then the person had the nerve to ask me what my problem was.  HELLO!  I’ve now told 3 different people — do you not write it down?  Finally she read it back as in, “Well, yes, but this could mean anything.”  So I asked if SHE was the doctor.  No.  Just another screening person.  SIGH.  No wonder people go postal.  She actually had the nerve to tell me they take 100s of calls from people a day.  I’m sorry what is your job again?  CALL CENTER ADVICE NURSE?  What do you THINK you’re supposed to do?  Hardly a convincing argument from my point of view.

Needless to say, I ended up at the doctor.  Remember, I have chills and shaking and then high fever but NO OTHER SYMPTOMS. I don’t have a horrific headache (low grade one), I don’t have a stuffy or snotty nose, I don’t have a sore throat, I’m not coughing, and I have some aches but when you’re cold, I think that happens.  What did the advice nurse think a doctor was going to find?

Um, nothing.  Nice doctor, she really was.  She polititely asked me why I felt I needed to be seen.  I told her I didn’t.  I just wanted to know if I should be seen, or if I should let it run its course. It was the advice nurse who said I should just go see the doctor right away.  “Oh, let it run its course .” she says.  “It’s too early to know what it is.”  However, I should call back and be seen if it gets worse.

Last night was another of being cold, then hot (I actually do have a temperature which is amazing for me.  It’s generally over 100.  It’s been as high as 102.), sweaty and gross.  Lots of weird dreams.  Wet head.  I look like a derranged chicken when I wake up.  However, now, I’m starting to get a cough.  Which means my friends, I’ve been going around spreading disease without symptoms like some sort of social Russian roulette.


When I find out what this turns out to be, I’ll post it.  But not my morning chicken head.  I have some pride.


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