Amazingly Sick

I’ll admit to having an overly macho attitude toward illness.  Generally it’s something that “will pass” and “is no big deal” or “I’ll get over it.”  Yesterday that came to a huge screetching halt.  Yesterday, I was SICK.  I shivered the entire time we were in the ceramics room.  When I went to have the school nurse take my temperature, she couldn’t find one.  She tried again and I was 96 degrees.

I told Taed I wasn’t well.  He had me just go home to rest, and he picked up Keb.  Here’s how that went: weird dreams, hot and sweaty, then cold and shivering.  I took my temperature again: 101.5.  Taed gave me some kind of medicine from his work.  I watched Top Chef (not as good as last year) then went to bed.  Weird dreams, hot and sweaty, then freezing cold as the sweat evaporated.  This morning, 98.4.  Good, ’cause writing sub plans SUCKS.  That said, I need to pull together some emergency sub plans during the break.  This so would have been a good time to pull them out.

I’m much better, thank goodness.  Now maybe I can get my flu shot!

*Note:  I didn’t get my flu shot Tuesday because I was feeling under the weather.  Hmmm.  Can we say foreshadowing?  Can we say, “Get a clue!”?


One thought on “Amazingly Sick

  1. justaglimpse says:

    Are you feeling better?

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