I slept until the alarm (sort of).  I got up to pee, but went back to sleep.  No obsessive thought for the day at 4:15! 

Of course, I also dreamed of sleep while I was sleeping.  I dreamed that I slept all day and still was tired.  Then again, I’m working on a significant cold, so there could be a reason for all this. 🙂  Doesn’t matter, I got some sleep.


One thought on “Yeah!

  1. justaglimpse says:

    I dreamt that The Grudge (horror movie that I’ve never seen) was a great big black blob and it had me up against a wall ready to absorb me. I pointed down the stairs and said, “Lunch is that way.” Then it went down the stairs.

    Strange, but I’m glad you got to sleep. 🙂

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