Oprah’s Weight

Despite her billionaire, rubbing elbows with the president status, I feel for Oprah.  Lately I’ve been yo-yo-ing a lot.  It has me worried because the last time I lost weight, I kept it off for a year only.  Then I went up again.  First from 157 to 175, then from 175 to 197, then from 197 to 213, then from 213 to 235.  It may have been more than that.  Truthfully, while I’d lost weight prior to that, I DID NOT know what to do.  Seems odd, doesn’t it?

  As someone who’s lost another 70-75 pounds (depending on the day), I completely understand the horror and shame that comes with find that weight again.  I imagine it’s worse for Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell, Kirstie Alley, etc.  The feeling you’re being judged is miserable.  What you do to yourself is worse.  I’m sure she has all the clothes and pictures as reminders.  It’s funny.  She’s rich, famous, a leader, and does some good things, yet it all comes down to weight.  It is funny how we decide that our worth is tied our vessel.  Deep down do we feel that we’ve shamed God for not taking care of it?

I’m pleased that she’s being upfront about her weight.  However, I’m worried about her shame, anger, fear, and sadness.  I know these are the emotions that led me to weight gain.  Having them at the forefront of my thoughts didn’t help me lose.  It merely made me use my food addiction in even worse ways.

I don’t know, really, how Oprah will help herself.  I know that she will have to do this for herself only.  While she may have more resources than many of us, only she can decide what goes into her mouth and how often she moves.  In this way, Oprah is our every women.  Only she can afford nicer clothes, jewelry, and shoes to dress up her fat. 🙂 

Come on!  I have to be a little bitter.  Way deep down inside I’d like to believe that with her resources I’d be thin, and my need for Spanx would be eliminated. LOL.  However, like Oprah, I know it wouldn’t.


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