Great… I’m a Bitch, too

Keb just came down here determined to startle me.  He grabbed a snack from the closet to which I inquired as to whether he had brushed his teeth for the night.  In typical Keb style (your kids will show you every bad behavior you have), he replied, “Duh, that’s why the timer is going off!”  So I told him I didn’t want him eating after he brushed his teeth.

He threw the snack, slammed the cupboard, and stomped off growling.  I’m sure he knows me well enough that if he called me ‘bitch’ I’d go midieval on him.  However, I think he thought it.

At this rate, I may as well start naming myself after dwarves.  So far I’ve got Sleepy (4AM), Grumpy (NO!) and Dopey (Wii).  If only I could name the others, I’m sure I could figure out which one I was.


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