Apparently I’m Also An Idiot

SIGH.  OK, even I don’t get this.  The day I decided to buy the Wii, there were, I swear, tons of balance boards.  However, with the Wii, some peripherals, the Nerf thing Keb wanted, and tax, I decided to wait.  I don’t know why.  I wasn’t going to be getting another paycheck in the meantime.  I transfered money from my savings account (which I keep for travel and home expenses) to cover the cost.  So…

Now they are sold out.  Yup, Carol tried to tell me so.  Taed was perplexed since he knew the only reason I wanted it was for the Wii Fit stuff.  SIGH.

I guess I’ll have to wait until after Christmas.  Given how bad I am, even if I did believe in Santa, there is NO WAY he would visit me.  Well…  Maybe if he were feeling a little evil.  Then he’d leave me a coal shaped Wii Balance Board for the irony of it all.  Wait, is that even irony?  Doesn’t matter, I’m an idiot!

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