Sorry is a Sorry Word

I acquired this phrase from Diane when I was working with her.  I use it at school, much to the chagrin of others.  I’ve actually had parents upset because they’re trying to teach their kids to say their sorry.  Don’t bother, seriously.  It is a sorry word.

You see, if you haven’t seen this already, sorry is not only an overused word, it’s an undermeant word as well.  People throw it out like a, an, and the.  People use it in place of pardon me or excuse me.  Hell, some people use it to mean F&CK YOU without actually saying it.  Hence the point to the phrase.

I’d like to see us actually teach a REAL apology.  You know, where you atone for having done something wrong.  Where you own up to it.  You take some responsibility.  You tell the person that you are very sorry for having hurt them or for your role in the action that was harmful (BE SPECIFIC) and then, God forbid, work to change your behavior.  If you’re seriously sorry, the behavior won’t happen again.  Otherwise, it’s just another comment. 

And honestly, if you’re not sorry, don’t waste your breath.  I really don’t want to hear  f*ck you on top of it.  That’s just going to piss me off.


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