Christmas Lights

I admit it.  When I see Christmas lights I always fantasize about having one of those houses that could be seen from space.  You know, the obnoxious neighbors who obliterate the light from distant stars.  Alas, we live in a townhouse, with CC&Rs (rules about taste and appropriateness, damnit), and my husband kinda frowns on such stuff.  Plus he won’t help.  This and Diet Coke — he’s not feeding the addiction.

Today I started with lights.  Usually I’m armed (and dangerous) with my staple gun.  I like it.  It’s the closest thing to power I’m ever going to get.  However, I had these funky plastic/velcro things that I felt would make Taed happier.  So I used them.  Good thing. 

You see, some people (normal ones who ashew extra work) CHECK their lights before they put them up.  Not me.  I assume if I balled them up and then shoved them into a plastic bag they should be good to go the next year.  I just pull them out and staple them to the balcony.  However, with the use of the plastic holders I did save myself some time.  Two light strands were DEAD.   I was able to pull them off licketysplitquick and replace them.  Now, I did check those lights.  Or I thought I did.  I have a quarter strand that’s out.  I’ll check it tomorrow.

Weird thing, though, is that the section matches a section further up on the house that came undone (all wires, no lights) from when I hung them.  I have TWO MATCHING BLACK SPOTS!  SIGH.  Oh well…

At least my house looks somewhat festive. 🙂


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