Favor to Ask

If you have any old calendars with pictures of these ancient cultures:  Rome, Greece, Egypt, Israel, China or India, let me know.  I’ll cover the cost of postage.  I’m working to  build my visual library for these ancient cultures in social studies.

Actually…  If you also have anything about the following: Rome (as in the fall of), Byzantium, Islamic Civilization, China, Ghana/Mali/Songhay, Japan, Medieval Europe, Maya/Aztec/Inca, Renaissance Europe, Protestant Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and Age of Exploration, Enlightenment & Reason, I could use these to help next year’s teacher.

🙂  You’re a good community to consider indulging me.  Thank you.


One thought on “Favor to Ask

  1. justaglimpse says:

    I have some books on mummies (including mummies in the bogs) I will give them to you at Christmas. They are interesting, but more for middle schoolers. Noah was creeped out by them.

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