Shopping with Carol

Yesterday I went shopping with Carol.  We first went to a few Michael’s Craft Stores because she has a Cricut.  This is a very fancy cutter that uses cartridges.  Usually they are $90, but they were on sale for $30.  She had a list and we went looking.  Strangely enough, we found MOST of what we were looking for at the Michael’s closest to my house.  Heck, they should have hired her because people were asking her about it.  I’m serious!  Three or four people approached her about it, how it works, what she likes, etc.  Because of this, the manager checked a couple of other places to see if she could find the other cartridges Carol wanted.  It was kind of cute.

I bought some stuff — mainly cards, which I need to fill out because I’m going to mail them to my students.  It’s been A LONG TIME since I’ve written cards to more than 27 students!  Plus I need to remember my SDC students too because they are with my class two periods a day. I’m not crafy so I don’t really buy a lot.  Or when I do, it sits in the house collecting dust.  See!  Doing my part for a weak economy.

We ended up actually schlepping to Gilroy to go to the outlets.  It was good because I’ve grown tired of the jeans I wear on a very regular basis.  My summer pants are too short for winter, so I needed something.  I found something.  Between Chico’s and J.Jill I picked up 6 pairs of pants for just short of $100.  The only downside is the length, but I’m sure I can find someone to hem them.  If not there are those magnet things or dragging works. LOL.  NO MOM, I wouldn’t do that!

The only downside to shopping all day was being away from Keb and Taed.  They went to the trampoline place.  Plus, I still have loads of laundry and checking to do…  SIGH.


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