Keb & Dogs

I think I blogged this summer how Gina (my friend Diane’s mom’s dog) went all Mr. Chew on Keb.  Needless to say, Keb (new age speak coming up) abdicated his power to the dog allowing her to be the alpha dog.  Since then, he’s easily upset by barking dogs.

Yesterday, we went to Diane’s for Thanksgiving where there were THREE dogs — most related to Gina in some way.  (SIDE NOTE:  I think I’m spelling Gina wrong, but I can’t remember the right way.  I know she’s named for her human mommy Jeannie, who is a splendid person and raises dachshunds.) There was Darla Jean, Gina’s mom; Scooter, her brother; and Jaime (sp), a distant cousin.

While Scooter was to be the most playfull, Keb ended up enjoying Jaime the most.  I have to say that everyone, Joseph & Alene (Jaime’s parents) and Jeannie & William (Darla Jean & Scooter’s parents), plus Diane, Bill, and Miss Audrey, did a great job of working to give Keb confidence with the dogs.  Today Keb is back to wanting one.

I have to say, I’d like one too.  It’s the first time in a long time I’ve wanted a dog.  Alas, allergies and asthma will prevent that from happening.  Good thing: no asthma yesterday.  I don’t know if it’s because the dogs didn’t lick Keb, if it’s because we were outside a lot; or if we delivered the albuteral at the right time in the right way beforehand; however, it was nice to just hang out.

Keb said he had a much better time than he expected.


2 thoughts on “Keb & Dogs

  1. Kristin says:

    Maybe Keb could see my dogs at Christmas time. They will be with me until John leaves. They LOVE children but they do shed a lot, though not so much right now!! Don’t know if the shedding will be an issue for Keb or not. Hopefully not:)

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