Don’t Assume

that because the drunken monkeys on Madagascar can reconstruct a plane, that you can build a gingerbread house… from a kit… with materials you assemble.  Yet another good reason for me to be born in the 20th century.  Can you imagine what my REAL house would look like?  Right now cans are keeping our gingerbread house from collapsing.  The roof is not on tight, basically there would be SNOW inside too.  Still, Keb seems to like it and that should be all that matters.

There is a Christine Lavin song called “What Was I Thinking?”  Yup, sums this enterprise up quite nicely.  BTW, we’re not even to decorating.

Hey!  Maybe if it has all the cosmetic parts, I can pawn it off onto some sucker who won’t notice its structural flaws. Sure that’s immoral… I don’t see your point.


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