Legend of Sleep Hollow

Keb had a big evening last night.  First he just went to Zack’s for a play date.  Then the play date turned into a PLAY date (Zack’s cousin was in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow).  He came home, cleaned up, and departed with the Selna’s to have a pre-play get-together followed by seeing the play.  Despite having some allergy flare-up (the family had a beagle), Keb did well.

Here’s my “interview” with Keb.

How was the play?  K: It was good.
Was it long?  K: About an hour.
Anything else? K: I got to have a cookie and a juice at the play.  I liked the ghosts coming out of the graveyard.
Did you get into any trouble with Mr. and Mrs. Selna?  K: No.  (He knew that they would call Dad to pick him up if he wasn’t good).
What did you do at the pre-play party?  Me and Zack went outside and fought with our light sabres.  We got a puffy eye so we got water and a towel. (they are BOTH allergic to something). I got two little cookies at the pre-party, star-shaped, covered with chocolate and sprinkled.  I also had some apples, a cheeseburger, and lettuce. Oh and I had a little bread with some spinach dip on it. It was sour bread. YUM!


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