The Perfect Pancake

There are foods that I know how to make and make well (cookies, candies, cakes, oh my!).  Then there are breakfast foods…  Seriously, I make the WORST eggs and even more mediocre pancakes.  At one time I did have a pancake recipe that both Taed and Keb liked.  It was from Self or Shape magazine.  It’s long since gone.

This morning Keb wanted pancakes for breakfast so I did an Internet search for America’s Test Kitchen and pancakes.  I followed the recipe.  The pancakes didn’t burn and weren’t undercooked (something I do A LOT — crunchy outside and wet inside.  GR-O-SS!).

The verdict is… To flour-y (both Taed and Keb).  Good, not great (Keb).  However, they are being eaten so I guess they’re not bad.  They just weren’t light and fluffy. SIGH.

So, if you have the perfect pancake recipe send it to me.  I will try almost anything!


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