Second Chances

If you follow along at all, you’ll remember that I had the opportunity to attend Day 2 of the Bridge School Benefit, but didn’t due to my weird work load.  My work load is still large and weird, but that happens in education.

Today Coreen asked what I was doing tonight.  I don’t think anything (nothing that I remember from Taed anyway) so I asked what was up.  She has tickets to see K.D. Lang.  GOOD TICKETS. Well hell!  I’m not one to let opportunity go past twice.  I said yes.  Haven’t talked to Taed yet, but I can’t really see this as a problem.  He and Keb will probably find something else to do.

To me this is a great opportunity.  Not only will it be fun, there will be good music, and I have the chance to build a friendship outside of Jazzercise.  Like Martha says, “It’s a good thing!”

Needless to say, I’m buying the gas, any libations, and the food! (Did I mention they were GOOD tickets?)


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