My Honey

I met Taed at the University of Illinois — Champaign/Urbana.  Needless to say, I messed up our initial chance at romance BIG TIME.  Sometimes the fates smile upon you and give you a second chance.  I’ve been fortunate.  I don’t forget that or take it for granted.

This month (the 11th) my honey turns 41.  That’s more fingers and toes than we have together.  While he’s old, I’m older.  However, as the oldest child, he’s more responsible.  Like I said, I’m lucky.

Here are the good things about Taed — he is the perfect combination of Bugs Bunny smart-ass and Mr. Roger’s caring human being; he has a great sense of humor; he has beautiful green eyes; he has a cute smile; he’s amazingly clean; he’s probably the best father EVER; he is whip-smart and not afraid to use it; he’s playful; he can patiently endure my stupid questions about a movie I only half-watched without killing me; he loves me despite myself; he volunteers; he really makes sure Keb is enriched; he is a good soccer parent;  he cleans graphiti; he likes most kids; he cuddles with me nightly; and he accepts me for who I am.

What’s annoying?  He says I have troll feet, freaky-alien hands, and really cold hands that SHOULD NOT COME NEAR HIM! 🙂

Oh yeah, since he was the perfect child, he’s never wrong.  So it’s true.  I have troll feet.  My hands are strangely long and misshapen.  I do run about 94 degrees on a warm day.  Like I said, he loves me despite myself.

Happy Birthday Love of My Life.


2 thoughts on “My Honey

  1. Cassie says:

    Happy Birthday Taed!!!! I hope you have had a beautiful day!

  2. Taed says:

    That missive is filled with lies. Suzanne doesn’t have troll feet, but clown feet. Her hands are mutant hands, not merely strangely long and misshapen. Propaganda, I say. Propaganda.

    Of course, the stuff about me is all true.

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