Lost Members of the Tribe

I always called our “group” at Olinder a tribe.  As in, I’d like to sit with my tribe or let me confer with my tribe.  They were those who seemed to love and accept me despite myself.  Truly, even when I’m annoyed, I love them too.

Tonight I met up with a member of Olinder’s tribe.  She’s having some doubts about where she is and was seeking some general advice.  However, once everything was said and done, she was having the same trouble I am.  How do you function in a hard job without a tribe watching your back?  Mind you, I was never her teammate (although I would have liked to have been), but we still ate lunch together daily and she had really good ideas.  She also liked to talk about other things than shop. 🙂  Either way, I had her back.  We were connected and worked to keep each other sane.

Talking with her tonight reminded me of what I like doing as a teacher.  Having my evaluation last week reminded me of that as well.  I think that good teachers find other teachers to work with in some capacity.  It’s exciting to get ideas and then produce them.  It’s better if you can do it together so that reflection isn’t just you.  This is a hard profession to be alone in.

I told her we could meet regularly just to touch base and hang out as friends (she lives near my new school).  I truly MISS my old tribe.  While this new adventure is good for me and is forcing me to grow in my profession, it’s not as fun without a friend.

Like I said, I miss my tribe.


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