Yesterday’s Field Trip

Taed is a very good dad and husband.  He has one goal, which is basically to make sure that Keb and I don’t spend our entire lives sitting on the couch.  Yesterday, after he and Keb spent two hours walking around and playing adventure (Keb makes up stories that you answer questions to.  They are very much like those “Choose your own story” books) we went to downtown San Jose for our rainy day outings.

First we went to lunch at Peggy Sues.  I could NOT believe it.  Keb kept looking at this picture of Buddy Holly.  Then, just like his dad, asked why WE have a picture of Buddy Holly at home.  Had to remind him that that was his grandpa!  GRR.  Lunch was overpriced and merely OK.  Taed said since I didn’t pay for it, I should just be quiet (and that the vanilla milkshake was good).

After lunch we headed over to The Tech.  It’s not just a science museum — it’s a technology museum!  The exhibit was Leondardo da Vinci: 500 Years into the Future.  This is THE exhibit if you’re into simple machines and construction.  The models were incredibly beautiful.  It was a nice exhibit.  My only complaint was that once you walked out, you were done.  I always hate that.  Taed and Keb saw an IMAX movie while I sat outside (I get motion sick in them.  MOTION SICK!  UGH).

Then we went to the art museum across the street (San Jose Museum of Art).  It was free, which was a surprising bonus.  Apparently there are 3-4 times a year when Target pays.  The exhibit I was interested in was Frieda Kahlo.  Unfortunately, it was just photographs of her.  Keb liked this little tree-house mobile home thing in the Road Trip part of the museum.  We weren’t there long, but we got us some ed-u-ma-cation and culture.

A couple of errands later (there were VERY few size 11 shoes at DSW!  Only one pair of trainers and they were 12s!) and we got home around 5:30.  Not a bad day.  Here we are trying for a family picture:

Trying to look natural for the camera!

Trying to look natural for the camera!

While I have no pictures of today’s journey,  I do have some pictures from our walking along the marshes where the bay comes into Sunnyvale. Remember, we can’t just hang out!  This was our attempt at exercise.  On this particular day, we actually went to the area by the dump! 🙂  I took some wildlife pictures. There are three pictures of cranes (it may have been the same one). I like the spider one for no other reason than that I got a good close up.  God knows what makes the water green.  I tried to get the hawk flying, but my battery was dead and I couldn’t get both the focus and zoom going.

Crane-- hanging out. Probably annoyed by the paparazzi.

Crane-- hanging out. Probably annoyed by the paparazzi.

Taking off to get some peace and quiet.

Taking off to get some peace and quiet.

Poor thing was probably thinking, "Not again!"

Poor thing was probably thinking,


It's very windy here.  This is one persistant spider!



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