OMG!  I just saw a K-Mart commercial.  The lady was going Christmas shopping and her husband pointed out that Halloween just took place.  She says, yes, but they have layaway.

I’m serious.  I haven’t heard of people using layaway since the 80s.  Essentially we all got credit cards we couldn’t handle, screwed up our credit and finances,  went without, or talked to someone with a credit card who bought it and let us pay them back.  Except when we really wanted it and really decided to tank our credit rating by bouncing a check to buy that precious item (that we had to have, but no longer own and can’t really remember).

I guess this is a HUGE sign that the economy is going to get worse before it gets better.  Not that I’m not into it.  I actually liked layaway.  It was like I got to visit my stuff once a week and when it was paid for, it was mine.  I remember using it to buy school clothes at places like TJ Maxx and Lane Bryant.  That was before I messed up my credit and stuff.

I have to say, good idea.  I hope more businesses embrace this rather than having people really end up in bad shape for the Christmas season.


One thought on “Layaway

  1. It is too bad that layaway has fallen so far out of favor. I recently started to look for more information on which stores might offer layaway. I found such little useful information that I decided to put a collection of what I found on the web. Unfortunately, I was not able to find as much info as I would have hoped.

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