Preface:  I like to cherry-pick.  It’s one of the luxuries of iTunes.  Also, I’d make a terrible Buddhist.  I’ve said that before, but I really mean it.  Being decent and not hurtful is hard.  I’m going to be judgemental, to which I have no right, and thus hurtful.  Deal with it.

This month’s Good Housekeeping has the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Family.  Along with weird family in Iowa, so not my favorite people.  There’s something about having a litter of children that just bothers me to the core.  I guess if I actually were a believer, I’d find this an affront on God.  Why?  Well, generally the support against having FEWER children (as in getting rid of some cells) is something akin to, “I couldn’t play God!  This was his will.”  No, baby.  I don’t think so. God’s will apparently was that you were to be infertile.

I’m still struggling with WHY I feel so adamantly against this type of medical intervention.  It’s not that I lack sympathy for infertile people.  Some of my favorite people are unable to be parents.  It’s not that I think their dream of parenthood should have been denied.  I think it has more to do with the fact that these two families in question were already blessed.  Maybe I think there is something greedy about their wanting so many more children.

Either way, when I see them all I can think is, “Those poor kids.”


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